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Chapter Baker

ANT376H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter Baker: Taxidermy

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Hillary Cunningham

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What is the Post Modern Animal - Steve Baker
-animal biotech
-botched/subverted taxidermy
-art = advocate/live animals
-multiple meanings of art
-animal-endorsing art: advocacy
-animal-skeptical art: question cultural construction and classification of animals ->
meaningful to humans
-look at body
-practical ecology - nature = destroyed
-postmodern theoretexical (how relations with non-humans = historically mediated)
-Mark Dion, Ully and Suzi (artists)
-Carrier - Disney (truths of natural world)
-status/mark of the real
-art = in the field
-ecology of art
-living animal
-Dion: demystify human blinkeredness rather than human fascination with nonhuman world
-animal = reminder of limits of human understanding
-Courtesian - more holistic
-rendered uninteresting
-posthuman condition
-metaphor for creativity
-19th century - made to disappear
-surrealism - Disney
-imagination > observation
-Wendy Wheeler: 2 stages of postmodern - inhuman celebration of fragmenting texts and
bodies; rebuild to rethink humans
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