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University of Toronto St. George
Sharon Kelly

Miklavcic (2012): “Canada’s non-status immigrants: Negotiating access to health care and citizenship”  Immigration status / no status = important for determining health care access  Everyone who is born holds dual citizenship: - Kingdom of the ‘well’ - Kingdom of the ‘sick’  "well" = healthy (the 'good' passport)  "sick" = not healthy (we will all need to use this passport some time in our lives)  Thesis: o Address complex dynamics of immigration, citizenship, and rights to "life" o Study access to health care o Recognition of immigration status in contemporary Canada  Susan Sontag's famous metaphor on illness (well vs. sick) o Fact: over the course of one's life, one's status changes unpredictably o One is inscribed in several kinds of citizenship  "hospital" and "citizenship" relationships overlap  Hospital* (according to author): o Is an analytical site of mode of governance o Therapeutic & bureaucratic o Care of life exercised within health care system defines the type/ level of provision of care given, with exceptions o Practice Governmentality and Biopower o Distinguishes:  Life with full value = citizens  Life with no value or limited value = non-status immigrants  Citizenship = legal status, possession of rights, political activity (e.g. voting), collective identity, sentiment  Non-status immigrants = denote fact that Canadian situation characterized by prominence of immigrants who are known to the state  Non-status life = life with limited rights, uncertain about future (e.g. deportation), health hazards  "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" o Give health care unconditionally to non-status immigrants  Different projects of Biopower tend to make life with own disciplinary paradigms o Subjectifying the "illegal" and providing interstitial space for 'humanness' o What is and who is 'human'?  Immigration Ideology: o Human Rights: everyone has rights to life o Security Paradigm: (Global immigration lean towards this) prioritize security
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