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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Human origin and rise of genus homo.docx

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Shawn Lehman

Chapter 7Transition from hominin evolution to human origins Rise of genus HomoKeywordsThe first handymanHomo habilis and Homo rudolfensis1 Homo habilis 2316 MYA Held characteristics of creating primitive stone tools Brain size of 635 cclarger than A afarensisSimilar skeletal morphology to contemporaneous AustralopithecinesDispute between Homo habilis and rudolfensis as the first primitive specie of genus Homo 2 Homo erectus ergaster 18MYA27KYA Fig 73 First hominin to be found outside of Africa found in parts of Africa Asia and Southeast Asia Long cranial vault compared to Australopithecines and Homo habilisBrain size 7321266 cc Larger brow ridges gracile mandible Body parts change to accommodate for brain size changes within the genus Homo lineageEvidence reveals the usage of fire and preying on land animals horses elephants 3 Homo heidelbergensis Fig 74 and Homo antecessor700130KYA Fossils from Europe and AsiaCompared to
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