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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Notes

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Gary Coupland

Chapter 3 Communication 1 Introductory Remarks IC also involves the study of communication in both its verbal and nonverbal dimensionsCommunication is the process of exchanging messagesfound in all species not only humansHuman communication is unique in the fact that it is based on and shaped by the human language faculty a speciesspecific ability which does not have equivalents in the animal realm except in a very limited fashion in the great apes gorillas and chimpanzees Two examples of properties that set human language apart from animal communication are the symbolic nature of words and compositionality First propertySymbolic nature of wordswords refer to aspects of the world on the basis of an arbitrary social convention holding within a cultural group ex in an English speaking community the convention holds that uttered tokens of the symbol cat refer to instances of a particular class of experiences involving a small feline animal Second propertytwofold and represented by the syntax principleallowing us to combine signs recursively within hierarchical structures of potentially indefinite complexitycoupled with its semantic correlate the compositionality principleallowing us to combine predicates modes of being and arguments entities to represent possible states of affairs fragments of a conceivable world Symbolism and compositionality both create a powerful means of representation that frees human communication from specific stimulussituationsAnimal communication falls under ethology human communication u
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