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Intro and Chapter 1

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Sociocultural Anthropology Introduction and chapter 1Introductiony Anthropologist started to become ethnographers by going into the field as ethnographers to gather their own information first had ethnography remains one of the things that distinguishes anthropology from the rest of the social sciences y Anthropology has shifted from small scale technologically simple societies to groups such as labor unions social clubs and migrant communities etc y AnthropologistPeter Just o Fascinated by the ethnic boundary between the Bima and Dou Donggo in Indonesia the Bima which was primarily Muslim took over the Dou Donggoby treaty o However the Dou Donggo refused to accept the religion of their neighbours and this created a boundary between the two communities o Lived in Dou Donggo for two years and stayed with a family who him and his wife became close with with this relationship he was able to get an intimate look at tne live among the lowland BimasneseChapter 1 A dispute in DonggoFieldwork and Ethnographyy To understand what anthropology is look at what they do which is ethnography y Ethnography participant observation based on the idea that in order to understand what people are up to it is best to observe then by interacting with them intimately and over an extended period o Fieldwork is what gives the enterprise of anthropology a good deal of its romance y In its infancy anthropology was distinguished by its concentration on primitive societies y In peters
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