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Chapter 8Marriage KinshipFamiliesth Nuclear familymom dad kids14 of American homes o Impermanentlasts only as long as parents and children are together o Important among industrial nations and foragersFamily of orientationour parentsFamily of procreationthe family we make with a romantic partnerExtended fam3 generationsDescent groupspermanent social unit whos members claim common ancestry o An ascribed statusKinshipculturally constructedFamilya group of people who are considered to be related in some way such as blood or who live together some do notExample Yugoslavia o Muslims in Bosnia lacked autonomy o Many families lived in extended household called zadruga o Headed by male and his senior wife o Included both married and unmarried sonsdaughters o They all shared possessions o Called PATRILOCAL extended family o Successive meal setting for men women children o Kids disciplined by adult o When they break up kids under 7 go with mom older kids can choose a parentExample Nayer o Malabar Coast S India o Matrilineal descent traced only thru females o Family compounds called tarawads o Several buildings temple granary well orchardsgardens land holdings o Headed by senior woman o Matrikinmatrilineal relatives o Marriagecoming of age ritual o Women could have multiple sexual partner
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