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Chapter 11: The World System and Colonialism  Capitalist world economy: the single world system, which emerged in the 16 cen, committed to production for sale, with object of maximizing profits, rather than supplying domestic needs  Capital – wealth / resources invested in business, with the intent of producing a profit  The World System Theory: o Core – more powerful nations, largest capital accumulation, sophisticated technologies, control over finance (US Germany Japan) o Semiperiphery – intermediate, exports to core and periphery nations, source of cheap labour (Brazil, India, China) o Periphery – least powerful nations, less mechanized industries, exports raw materials and agri commodities, source of cheap labour (Bangladesh, Haiti etc.) th  Monocrop production – 17 cen plantation economy based on a single cash crop o Sugar  Industrial Revolution: th o 18 cen o transformation from traditional – modern societies thru industrialization of economy o required capital for investment o trade and commerce o invested in machines and engines o capital/scientific innovation o began with cotton, iron, and pottery o increase in production o began in England o expertise in navigation facilitated importing/exporting o growth of Protestantism among middle class encouraged a work ethic o poor working conditions in factories and cities, crowding, unsanitary, insufficient water/sewage system, disease and death  Karl Marx – saw socioeconomic division b/t 2 opposed classes: o Bourgeoisie (capitalists) – owners of factories, mines, farms etc. dominated key institutions o proletariat (property-less workers) had to sell their labour to survive o classes – powerful collective forces that could mobilize human energies to influence course of history  Imperialism: o 19 cen, Europe imperialism in Africa, Asia and Oceania o policy of extending the rule of a country or empire over foreign nations and of taking and holding foreign colonies o after 1850 – transport aided in colonization of land sin north and south America and Austra
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