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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 definitions

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University of Toronto St. George
Janice Boddy

Socio-cultural Anthropology Chapter 7 Terms Explanation State Independent political entity that controls a geographical territory with clear boundaries and that defends itself from external threats with an army and from internal disorder with police Political These scholars share with political scientist and political anthropologists philosophers and interest in politics Politics The ways in which power relations (particularly unequal power relation) affect human social affairs Coercive power The use of physical force Power Generalized capacity to transform Persuasive power Range from the charisma of religious prophet to the formally proscribed but ubiquitous ability of weaker members of society to manipulate social rules to promote their own well-being, to the outright refusal of compliance shown by factory workers who go on strike Cultural ecology Focuses on the way specific, often small scale societies use culture to fashion adaptation to particular, local ecological settings Political ecology Links particular local populations with their neighbours Political economy Focus is on political creation of the division of labor in economy Raiding Short term use of force with a limited goal Feuding Ongoing, chronic
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