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University of Toronto St. George
Janice Boddy

Socio-cultural Anthropology Chapter 1 Terms Explanation Anthropology study of human nature, human society and human past Holistic Trying to fit together all that is known about human beings Comparative Similarities and differences in as wide a range of human societies as possible before generalizing about what it means to be human Evolutionary A major branch of anthropology is concerned with the study of the biological evolution of the human species over time, including the study of human origins and genetic variety and inheritance in living human populations. Biological That looks at human beings as biological organisms. Biological anthropology anthropologists are interested in many different aspects of human biology, including our similarities to and differences from other living organisms Primatologists Study the closest living relatives of human beings - the nonhuman primates (chimpanzees and gorillas, for example) Paleoanthropolo Specialize in the study of the fossilized bones and teeth of our gists earliest ancestors Forensic Use their knowledge of human anatomy to aid law-enforcement and
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