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Part 4

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Michael Chazan

Part Four The Development of Social Complexity Introduction Defining Social ComplexityLewis Henry Morgan and V Gordon Childe considered the origin of civilization to have been the inevitable next step in the upward movement of humanity following the origins of agriculture Origin of central authority people want to live within more advancedhighly developed societiesLegitimacyachieved when the right of a centralized authority to have power is accepted Legitimacy can be based on consensus or coercion an authority has legitimacy when its right to power is acceptedin most arch cases legitimacy was the result of coercion and consensus Categorizing Political Complexity Morgan H Fried defined four types of societies y Egalitarian societiesonly differences in status are based on skill age and genderproduction takes place within households all households carry out more or less the same task exchange tends to be casualbased on reciprocityy Ranked societieshierarchy of prestige not linked to age gender or abilityaccess to prestige based on birth etctheres a hierarchy but no real political power or exploitationrole of person in power is to collect not expropriate redistribute rather than consume y Stratified societiesaccess to key resources is linked to prestigethose of high prestige have unimpeded acc
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