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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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Marcel Danesi

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Chapter 5Language and Social Phenomena MARKEDNESS THEORY y Known as markedness theory the original idea of linguistics was to distinguish the role played by linguistic structures within the language y Linguistics refer to 1 a boy a girl a friend a mother a father as the unmarked form and 2 an egg an island an apple an opera as the marked one because the former is the most typical representative nonspecific of a class the latter the conditioned or exceptional number y Changes in language do not always indicate the same kinds of social consequences y Perhaps the solution is to address everyone as Mr or even Mrs regardless of sex That would indicate true equality This whole case indicates two things 1 the high premium that we put on identifying women by their relationship past or present to men 2 the recognition that womens traditional titles no longer properly represent their current realities LANGUAGE AND STYLE y Labov was able to link the pronunciation of r in New York City to social mobilityy Style can be defined simply as the way in which something is said or expressed y He concluded that works identified with the prestige of their employers and customers and that this identification wa
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