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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 -Studying Language

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University of Toronto St. George
Marcel Danesi

Ernie Tam20110920Chapter 2Studying languageSanskrit Persian Greek and Latin sprang from the same linguistic source and belonged to the same language family thEmergence of linguistics as a science in 19 centuryThe interest in analyzing language as a social cultural life changer is known as anthropology Anthropological linguistics is a combination of both The Scientific approach to Language th 5 century BCEPanini compiled a grammar of the Sanskrit languageof India oAnalysis of language to show how words are constructed from smaller structures or units Eg Unmistakable oThe word unmistakable is broken down into three parts un mistake and able Showed different combinations of distinct words and different meanings of each subcategory 348322 BCEAristotle came along and categorized the subject and predicate 170190 BCEAristotles ideals came to influence Dionysius Thrax on the writing of comprehensive grammaralso known as the different parts of speech nouns adjectives etcthth16 and 17 centurygrammatical rules that were universal to all languages were attempted to be found Port Royal Circles Universal Rule of Language French scholarsPort Royal Circle put forward how certain sentences are derivatives of others oEg An all knowing God created the visible world DerivativesGod is all knowing God created the WorldThe World is Visible Basis of sentence of sentence formation and language Operating in the mind is a set of principles of rule formation Speakers naturally combine simpler forms into more complex sentences
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