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Marcel Danesi

Ernie Tam20111115Lecture7 DialectReflect upon textChapter 58 metaphor for Test2What is a dialect Grammatical differences For example Yall he came down can be pronounced differently Lexical differencesvocabulary oThere are differences within the same language It is distributed geographically Geographical places of where the speakers are makes the language difference Phonology and lexicon are its difference oIf you change the grammar you wouldnt understand one another A dialect is the same language spoken differently depending on where the speaker lives We are speaking a dialect nowacadmise Hip hopoSocial dialects not distinguished geographically but through the use in societyVariant TypesIf you go down to Alabama you still understand it as English and not another language mutual intelligibility Different because of historical etclinguistic factors Newfoundland has a different way of speaking English than Ontarians Standard LanguageWhat is the standard English in Canada oDifficult to determine bc there was no electronic media back then oPeople in authority speak standard language such as presidents There are two presidents that spoke average English JFK BostonMaschchuetts language and Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton George W Bush Jr Obama speaks standard EnglishoIn Italy there are variations and goes from cities Less so today because there is media There is a loss of dialect The diversity that dialects bring to the whole equation of language guarantees that language remains strong ecology of language Language is part of my identity brings forth the notion of nationalism In the US there are three major regional dialectal variants of English 1 Northern also called Eastern or New England 2 Southern and 3 Midland also known as Western or Midwestern
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