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Chapter 2

Chapter 2-Language and Culture and Society

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Marcel Danesi

Chapter 2: Studying Language 1786: English scholar William Jones suggested that Sanskrit, Persian, Greek, and Latin sprang from the same linguistic source, and thus, belonged to the same language family 19 century: the emergence of linguistics as a true science Early 1950s: anthropological linguistics 5 century: Indian scholar Panini first person to show how words are constructed from smaller structures or units o He demonstrated how combinations produced many distinct words Wilheld von Humboldt o Coined term innere sprachform internal structure (particular structure of the language spoken as conditioning how people came to view reality) o The precursor of a view of language known as linguistic relativity (Which is fundamental to anthropological linguistics) o Every language has its innere sprachform, or internal structure which determines its outerform and which is a reflection of its speakers minds. The language and the thought of a person are inseparable. Comparative grammar: the method of making linkages between languages Proto-Indo-European (PIE): all languages as having descended from the same undocumented language. o The main branches were closer in time to PIE, and the lower branches of the indo-European language family were closer to the modern day descendants) Proto-Germanic languages family: English, Swedish, german. Neo-grammarian school: movement which emerged in germany. introduced the notion of sound law. indicate that there are tendencies within languages that bring about changes within them. o Introduced the notion of borrowing, Ferdinand de Saussure-his approach came to be known as structuralism. Diachronic: the historical study of sounds Synchronic: the systematic study of a language at a specific point in time. The goal of linguistics: to understand the nature of langue (language) rather than on parole (word) www.notesolution.com
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