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Chapter4individualismisolationandalienationBeautywhentheotherdanceristheselfAWalkerAlice WalkerBeauty When the Other Dancer is the Self Writer novelist poet who talks a lot about oppression or neglect of African American womenMost famous workThe Color Purple Essay is about her looking back at her childhood experiences2 years oldoWalkers father is a driver for a rich white ladyoPersuades her father to take her to the county fair instead of the 8 other children Tells him that she is the prettiest out of her siblings6 years oldoMemory from EasteroMemorized a speech to give in front of her churchoWas praised as being cute beautiful etcoIt was great fun being cute But then one day it endedmarks the significance of a new chapter of her life8 years oldoNo longer the prettycute child now a tomboy and plays with her brothersoPlaying with BB guns with her brothers but since she is a girl she does not get a gunoGets shot in her right eye by her brotheroHer brother does not want to get in troubletells her to lie to her parents to say that she got hit in the eye by a wireoImpairs her vision foreveroThis is later described as the accident that changed her lifeloses confidence does not look at people in the eye changes schools loses her spark in life oHer mother is sickoSomeone tells her you did not change12 years oldoHides in her room when relatives come to visitoThey tell her you did not change14 years oldoBabysitting for her brother Bill in BostonoHe and his wife take her to the local hospital to have the glob removed oThis causes Walker to become a different persongains her confidence changes her life back gains friends etc oYou did not changeIt is not entirely clear what is meant by this phrase or why it was repeated 3 timesUp to readers perspectiveIMO just because Walker looks different she is still the same person inside even though she feels isolated etcShe is still herself no matter what she looks like 30 years lateroTalking to her lover after a magazine shootoBrings back a memory with her father told by Jimmy where he was in a car with his fatheroAnother memoryWalker is in the desert and falls in love with the desert oWrites her poem On sightoAnother memorytalking to her 3 year old daughteroWalker is worried that her daughter will think about her eyeoTo her surprise her daughter tells her that theres a world in her eye with aweWalkers eye taught her to love herself and to accept her own flaws OverviewAutobiographical narrative that details how Walkers life affected by many powerful forces outside the tellers control such as race social class and family dynamics as well as cultural ideas about beauty The author shows us how each of these factors can affect an individuals sense of selfworth throughout life Ultimately the essay lets us in on the authors profoundly personalyet universalsearch for selfacceptance and loveDetailed SummaryAlice Walker recounts and compares her life before and after a childhood accident that left her disfigured and blind in one eyeWhen Alice is 8 years old she is shot in the eye by one of her brothers while playing Cowboys and Indians with a BB gun oTheme of isolation because I am a girl I do not get a gun Instantly I am relegated to the position of Indian Now there appears a great distance between us p 230The incident transforms her from a welladored outgoing girl to an insecure child who hesitates to make eye contact with peopleAlice traces her experiences throughout life as it was changed by her deformityoBefore the incidentoShe dresses in her Sunday best so that her father will think shes the prettiest and take her to the fair Theme of isolation Alices father chooses her to take to the fair at the cost of the other kids who want to goShe gains confidence to give her speech on Easter because everyone sees her as the cutest thing oAfter the incidentoShe hides in her bedroom when relatives come to visitShe worries that her own child will not see her as beautiful and be embarrassedWhile in her teens Alice turns to her peers for the definition of beauty only to feel isolated oAt school the children ask Whats wrong with your eye oBefore the accident she did well in school but after the accident she does poorly in school oShe prays for beauty oHer peers make her feel ashamed and she becomes the girl who does not raise her head As an adult Alice finds a sense of selfworth and inner beauty oHer brother has a doctor remove the glob in her eye but the surgery does not resolve all of her anger oEven as a successful adult she struggles with the definition of beauty oThe narrators feelings about herself change when her daughter says Mommy theres a world in your eye oHer daughters acceptance makes her feel joyous and happier than shes ever been in her life oAs she dreams of dancing to Stevie Wonders Always really titled As she finds the other dancer within herself which finally makes oThe other dancer signifies her transformed selfthe selfaccepting Alice who has finally come to see herself despite her flaws as beautiful whole and free
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