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Chapter 4

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Shawn Lehman

Chapter Four - Dentition  Heterodonty – differently shaped teeth – plesiomorphic mammalian trait  All primate have deciduous teeth and then permanent teeth  Some strepsirhine species have lost some or all of their incisors in the maxilla due to adaptations o E.g, the aye-aye  Some strepsirhines have a big gap (diastema) between the two centeral incisors of the upper jaw  To accommodate large canines, there is a diastema behind the maxillary incisors and the mandibular canines.  In most species, canines are just for show  Premolars often have two cusps  All catarrhines have two premolars on either side of the upper or lower jaw  Platyrrhines and strepsirhines all have three premolars  Ancestral primate had four premolars; evolutionarily, a reduction in teeth has been seen  Strepsirhines have more triangular-shaped molar teeth, especially in the upper jaw  Monkeys have more square-shaped molars with four cusps  Asian monkeys have evolved to have pairs of cusps – Bilophodonty (+4 pattern) – pairs are connected by transverse ridges  Leaf eating monkeys have raised cusps with sharp crests between the cusps on either sized of the tooth  Omnivorous and fruit-eating monkeys tend to have lower and more rounded cusps  Apes have square molar teeth that are more elongated towards the back because the presence of a fifth cusp – Y-5 pattern  Cusps tend to be very low and rounded  Chewing surface is much more flat for better crushing  Most primates have three molars, while some callitrichids have only two – possibly because a reduction in body size  Humans seem to be losing third molar as well
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