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Chapter One – Introduction to Nonhuman Primates  Haplorhines – humans, apes, monkeys, tarsiers  Strepsirhines (lemuriform) – lemurs, sifakas, lorises, bushbabies  Carl von Linné suggested that primates can be recognized based on the presence of: 4 incisors, 2 clavicles, 2 mammary glands, and at least two extremities that function like hands  Retention of clavicle is ancestral trait o “ungulates” have lost clavicles  Orbital convergence – eyes facing forward  Most primates are omnivorous  Gestation in primates tend to be longer than in other mammals – still have extended infant dependency  Extended dependency relates to the fact that primates rely more on highly flexible learned behaviours to survive than they do on hard-wired or genetically controlled innate beh
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