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ARC132H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter Space: Photogram

Architecture Studies
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Zeynep Celik

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Light construction
A concept that can hold contradiction
Neither negates or resolves the contradiction, but opens it up to new meanings
Transparency, 1920s
An inherent quality of material that allow one to see through it
A quality of spatial organization that is ambiguous
Phenomenal transparency
Distinction in between was founded on a fundamental and strategic misreading of the
avant-garde conception of transparency in the 1920s and 1930s
1960s, Colin Rowe, Robert Slutzky
"Building in France, Building in Iron, Building in Ferro-Concrete", 1928
An attempt to demonstrate how the aesthetics of the new building derived from the
development of new materials and methods of construction made possible by industrial
First book on modern architecture
Far more ambitious undertaking
To show that the great engineering constructions of the19th century were not
only the product of rational structural logic (science), but were works of creative
imagination (art) as well.
To demonstrate that the spatial attributes of the extraordinary structures were
shared by the new architecture of the modernist avant-garde.
Original title: "Construction Becomes Form"
"Building in France"
"invented an aesthetics of engineering and made it coincide with that of modern
His engagement with camera-generated images has a very significant impact on his
conception of modern architecture and its potentialities.
Saw his own photographic work and the camera as directly instrumental
A compositional strategy of de-contextualization and re-contextualization
Visualizations of light, motion, and facture over time.
"marks the close of Impressionism"
Force viewers into active participation in constructing the image
Force viewers' attention towards abstract formal relationships
"New Vision"
Giedion and Moholy-Nagy
Week 7 Reading - Transparency and the Irreconcilable
Contradictions of Modernity by Eve Blau
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