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Chapter Media

ARC132H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter Media: Adolf Loos, 1929 Barcelona International Exposition, Reyner Banham

Architecture Studies
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Zeynep Celik

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Builds crime scenes from photographs with paper and cardboard, takes a picture and
destroys the model
e.g. Bathroom
Only a few photographs a year
"imagine the sum of all media representation of the even as a king of landscape, and the
media industry as the tour-bus company"
Thomas Demand: media as architecture
All about the mass-media image
Modern architecture is a form of media
Modern architecture not very functional
Seems modern from the outside, but on the inside, still built and supported with bricks
and traditional materials
Reyner Banham
Both the house and the objects inside treated as images
Smithsons, House of the Future
Staged architecture
Glass architecture
Wasn’t as influential until 1950
Reconstructed in 1986
Was both real and an image
Buildings have full forces as images
Barcelona Pavilion, 1929 International Exhibition, Barcelona
Very large as if standing in the street when looking at them.
Viewer experiences the spaces of the street
Photomontages, Mies
Mies' 5 projects were not actually built, only on drawings
He didn’t have the expertise to build them given the opportunity
Mies, so-called "father of the modern movement"
Some images have the full force of buildings
Week 3 Reading - Media as Modern Architecture
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