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Ethics Reading NotesMar 121Hall and BombardellaLas Vegas in AfricaDestination resorts make money using heritage themed entertainment Reappropriation of established themes in African heritage in the material culture of casinos and associated retail and entertainment facilities for the benefit of postapartheid middleclass consumerHeritage as the mobilization of culture in the service of the presentoWorks with the diverse remnants of the pastthings that have been passed down through the generations and the awareness of them makes tangible associations in the present by ethnicity class geographical region language etcoIn working within the present heritage makes claims on the futureeg making a claim for land furthering nationalist agenda or promoting future language rightsHeritage then gives form to the public sphereHeritage a manifestation of power Contemporary heritage destinations seem more akin to video games rather than as allies of historic sites and educational museumsExperiential economyoPine and Gilmore argue that businesses must orchestrate memorable events for their customers and that memory itself becomes the productthe experience Wiki oAn experience business charges for the feeling customers get by engaging it WikiSouth Africa and experiential economyend of isolation of the former coincided with the Las Vegas renaissance and the increase in capacity and scope of the international entertainment and heritage industryoLed to the establishment of destination resorts in South Africa that subscribes to the experiential economyLost City projectSun Internationals South African foundation for this new approach to leisureoSouth Africas inauguration to the world of Disneystyle themed entertainment and Las Vegas steadfast style of grandiloquence and razzmatazzoTheme park designed as an archaeological site End of the apartheid meant that Sun International would have to reinvent itself and the key element was heritagethe construction of a credible past that would serve the needs of an imminent and different South Africa oTheme is based purely in fantasy but coloured by the heritage of Africanew architecture developed by a people completely isolated from any outside human influencesoLost Citys design reflecting stereotypesart trying to develop an architecture and an environment that they thought would portray Africa for the visitor
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