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ARH309 Ethics Reading NotesMar191WatrallDigital Pharaoh Archaeology public education and interactive entertainmentArchaeologists are ignorant in general of the effects that interactive entertainment has on the publics perception of archaeology and the human pastImpact that computer games have on the publics perception of archaeology archaeologists and the human pastPublic archaeologists as change agents in the interactive entertainment industry to ensure ethical and moral representation of the archaeological discipline as well as pastpresent human cultureOf particular interest to anthropologists and archaeologists are the titles that employ pastpresent human culture as the basis for their gamesEg Tomb Raider seriesVideo games like Tomb Raider promotes a fantastical and unethical approach to archaeologyarchaeologists are aware of this but not of its popularity 235 mill in sales 1998With the growing inclusion of archaeological elements in the interactive entertainment industry archaeologists should become change agents dedicated to ensuring the ethical treatment of both pastpresent human cultureGenresaction strategy and adventurethat incorporateinspired by archaeological elements oAction twitch gamesfastpaced and reflexorientedMost popular is Tomb Raider series which has consistently built its storylines around looting and pothunting ethnocentrism and pseudoarchaeologyoStrategyencourages logical thinking and planning and stresses resource and time managementCivilization series revolves around the construction and maintenance of a civilization for many thousands of years starting from a small settlement to a statelevel societythDraws upon 19 c ideasthe ethnocentric unilinearevolutionary model from barbarism and nearignorance to the heights of westerninspired technological and social domination and the simplistic system of diffusion regarding cultureThe Age of EmpiresKings has the same premiseplayers are the guiding spirits of Neolithic tribes developing them into great civilizationsStresses the same problem as Civilization as well as the idea that little or nothing is known about the period between the Neolithic and the rise of the Roman period
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