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Justin Jennings

ARH309 Ethics Reading NotesMar 261Fagan and RoseEthics and the Media Television Radio and the WebNegative outlook in lifeoAsked to help out with a new TV series act as consultantoWillingness to help involves long hours taken away from other work usually without any outcome on the airbecause they want his help for nothingEthical dilemmaneed for public outreach VS harsh reality that time is wastedSolutionto be highly selective meaning no most of the timeAs with all forms of public outreach it is the quality of the experience that is most important not the fact that one just does itTV archaeology has expanded recently and is promoted mostly by lowbudget cable programsoPopular because it involves ancient civilizations large extinct animals and mysteriesoNot so much intellectual as entertaining Archaeologists have become interview subjects advisors or background players on an excavationoThe times when producers listen to what archaeologists have to say and allow input into the script it is rewarding but usually archaeologists almost have no control over the content or the scriptSolutionchoose the project to get involved with and demand full involvement from start to finishMany popular archaeological programs target young people audience who are inclined to watch visual action and violenceMost archaeological TV programs are aimed at a very broad audienceScience gives in a bit or a lot to drama in these programs to appease the expectations of the producersviewers regarding dramatizations andor reconstructionsoChallenges scientific integrityoEnds up compromising and producing a work that deviated so much fromSolutionensure that the science is compromised as little as possibleloss of integrity and some overstatement is inevitableCable networks sponsoring excavations where spectacular discoveries are likely to create instant TV programs a threat to archaeologyoFunding rationalized as a way if giving people a scientific education or a form of reality TVFine line between responsible science and gold diggingRadio is the unexploited avenue for public outreach in archaeologyoTransitory medium but with virtually no feedback from the audienceProgramming only lasts a couple of minutes
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