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Justin Jennings

Archaeology DayQuipu Knotted string instrument used for record keeping in the Inca EmpireDerived from Quecha knotEarly reports of encounters with Inca record keepers tell of old men carrying bundles of strings with which they recounted information of all kinds pertaining to the Andean pastoEg census figures royal achievements etcQuipu made of knotted colourful strings made of spun and plied camelid hair or cotton fibreUsed to retain different types of administrative records and for registering information for storytellingQuipu is composed of differing numbers of spun and twisted threadspendant cordsstringsThey are attached by means of halfhitch knots to a thicker cordprimary cordAverage thickness of primary cord is 026 cm average length 61 cmAverage number of pendant cords is 60 median number per device is 27Average length of pendant strings is 33 cm and average thickness is 016 cmPendant cords may have attached to them subsidiary cords which may have secondo
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