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Chapter 13

FAH272 Chapter 13 Notes (the 18th Century)

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Dr.Sharon Vattay

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th1 Chapter 13 the 18 CenturyBoiseriey Interior wood paneling enriched by carving gilding painting or inlayy Also known as gilded woodworkRocaille y Small ornament combining forms based on water worn rocks plants shells thy Characteristic of the 18 century Rococo period Coquille y Representation of forms of seashells used as a decorative carving over doors windows and in friezes and architraves y Also known as coquillageRococoy Style of architecture and decoration 17201790 y Primarily French in origin y Represents the final phase of the Baroque y Extravagantly or excessively ornate stucco work y Combo of the French rocaille meaning stone and coquilles meaning shell due to reliance on these objects as motifs of decoration y In France the Rococo was primarily a style for interiors typified by the work of J A Meissonier 19651750 y New materials new technologies and new systems of construction would radically alter traditional building forms and would make completely new building types possible y Forces of NeoClassicism and the Industrial Revolution led to an equally forceful countercurrent Romanticism y For many NeoClassicism was too precise too predictable and to emotionlessy For others the Industrial Revolution brought not progress but ugliness brutality and numbing samenessEnglish NeoPalladians y Some English architects were turning away from the style of Wren Vanbrugh and Hawksmoor in favor of simpler approach they found in the works of Andrea Palladio y Leaders of this NeoPalladian movement o Colen Campbell 16761729 Scottish architect and editor of influential book Vitruvius Britannicus o Richard Boyle third Earl of Burlington 16941753 wealthy nobleman who practiced as an architect in addition to fulfilling government dutieso William Kent 16851748 an Englishman who originally trained in Rome as a painter and branched out into architecture and landscape design under the patronage of Lord Burlington
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