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Jan. 20th Notes Monday, January 20, 2014 6:07 PM Last week about competition and sculpture •Development of sculpture in a very condensed amount of time for the sculptures on the Orsanmichele •For 10 years don't know where Brunelleschi is --> could have been in Rome, construction methods on cathedral similar to buildings seen in Rome, as well as engineering shows he could have been in Rome (Pantheon --> light material on the top with heavy base) o Transitional --> dome is gothic, but with higher technology, gothic didn't have such high big domes •See him later for work on the Florence cathedral --> cathedrals start started in 12th century, stopped and then restarted --> was finished up to the base of the dome (with the circle windows) Dome that they envisioned was a gothic style, with egg shaped dome --> when trying to execute the dome had problems --> dome over 140ft in width (out stripped the Pantheon) --> don't know how to build it •Hold competition to submit designs or solutions for how to build it --> build a scaffolding alone was double the cost --> also a material question, don't want it to be to heavy or it will collapse on itself o Cost and material problem •Many suggestions --> fill crossing with dirt and lined with dirt.. •Brunelleschi thought of revolutionary idea in terms of material and cost --> didn't believe him at first, didn't tell them with all aspects of the plan because didn't want competitors to learn it --> didn't have help and support to rely on in Florence o Brunelleschi holds his own competition --> make people try to make egg stand up, no one could do it, solution was to make a small dent on bottom to make it stand o Dome idea was to hollow it out (in the layer of the dome), a small dome with outer shell connected to the dome, make use of eight sides, breaks down to eight sections --> with reinforcement, using specially molded terracotta bricks --> L shaped bricks to weave the surface, into a interlocking brick surface o Also had a set of spiral stairs around the dome inside to the top of the lantern at the top o Built scaffolding as they build the bricks going up as a spiral through a dome --> only need a couple elevator to go up to the scaffolding that moves up the dome as they build o Alberti was added to the committee to build the dome, but he didn't do anything and was getting paid--> Brunelleschi tried to disgrace him --> called in sick one day, construction stopped o Divided up work 50/50 --> the side Alberti was working on was a complete wreck, so they finally took him off the team, but he still got paid o Statue of him looking up at the cathedral --> solidify his victory Rome: Sistine Chapel ceiling •Figurative sculpture development --> under different patronage --> from classical antiquity •Non-Florentine context --> revival of a type of sculpture, equestrian statue •Condottiere - Italian for leading general of a mercenary soldiers, soldiers for hire (Erasmo de Narni was one of them) --> first time for this type of statue of a condottiere --> patron is competing with different people who did similar thing (military leader) •Equestrian monuments from antiquity --> 3 examples to look to at the time, now 2 examples left, that Donetello could have looked at) o Emperor Marcus Aurelius, horses of St. Mark's and The Regisole (the closest one for Donetello) •Bonino da Campione and Cangrade della Scala --> were wealthy, nobles who were fighting for more territories, to convey the idea that they are returning victories o Created his own wealth life statue from his soldiering (Donatello's patron) o Crest on chest of armor, like a knight o Cangrande --> shows himself in a different light, shown in jousting armor, still the idea of a victorious military invested ruler, with a lighter mood, benevolent ruler o Both made of marble or stone •Donatello's Gattamelata --> leaps and bounds forwards, grandizes the subject --> type of monument the city would pay for, but this one is bronze, lots of money that went into it, patron himself was paying for this, in his will, shows the kind of legacy he wanted to leave, put himself on par with similar figures in Italian history o Costume is a hybrid --> armor is partly contemporary (gothic armor), on his shoulders you can see ancient rome armor (probably ceremonial armor not everyday), doesn't project a light heart ruler, stern face o Donatello looking back to antiquity --> bronze equestrian not done since antiquity, a challenge, Donatello was the first in Renaissance to pull it off •Verrocchio Monument to Bartolomeo Colleoni --> responsible for a very important battle, left money in his will for an equestr
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