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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Michael Reid

10.1-10.6 Atomsheric basic • atmospheres of terrestrial planets are even varied than their gelgies • shows gobal surface of all five planets ◦ Mercury, Venus, Earth, Earths MOON, Mars • the moon and mercury have so little atmosphere that is why they call it airless worlds ◦ have no wind, or weather ◦ venus is completely thick atmosphere ◦ CO2 • Mars has a CO2 atmoshpwere but thin air • only earth is just right • How does the greenhouse effect warm a planet? • the greenhouse effec occurs only when an atmosphere contains gases that can absorb the infrared light • gases that are particularly good at absorbing infrared light are called greenhouses gasess • greenhouse gas molecure abosrbs an infrared photon doesnt retain this energy for long instead it quickly reemits it as another infrarred photon which may head off in any random direction why do Atmosphereic properties vary • 1. Troposphere: the lowest layer temp. drops with altitude in the troposphere • 2. stratosphere beings where the temp stops dropping and instead beings to rise with altitude • 3. thermosphere begins where the temp. again starts to rise at high altitude • 4. exosphere is the uppermst region in which the atmosphwere gradually fades away into space What creates wind and weather • wind, rain and other weather are driven by energy in the atomosphere • which means only planets with atmospheres can have weather • hw. ewather still varies dramitically What factors change cause longterm climate change? • solar brightening: the sun has grown gradually brighter with time, increasing the amount of solar energy reaching the planets • ch
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