Chapter Seven: The Cosmic Perspective

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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Michael Reid

Żŵ`aV ZY`W[S^_`W [_ U[Z`W` SZW`_XS Z`[`c[S[^US`WY[^ W_!_S^[U `W^^W_`^ S \SZW`_SZVS^YW V^[YWZ^ U[b SZ \SZW`_ W^^W_`^ S\SZW`_!_S ZS__SZV_ WU[_W`[`W_aZSVW[XW`SSZV^[U XWc[[Z_SZV Z[^ ZY_ ë[b SZ\SZW`_!S^YWS__SZV_ WXS^X^[`WaZSVW[XWSZV V^[YWZU[\[aZV_^ ZY_ SZVSZ [[Z_ cS^_[XS_`W^[ V_SZVU[W`_\[\aS`W`W_[S^_ _`WS_`ZaTW^_[X^[U S_`W^[ V_SZV U U[W`_ S^WX[aZV`^[aY[a``W_[S^_ _`WTa`S^WU[ZUWZ`^S`WV Z`^WWV _` ZU`^WY [Z_ _`W^[ V_S^WSVW[XW`SSZV^[U SZV[_`[^T ` Z`WS_`W^[ VTW` TW`cWWZ S^_SZVa\ `W^ [W`_S^W UW^ USZVSZ S^WX[aZV Z`WÔa \W^TW`TW [ZVW\`aZW"_[^T ` bWZ[^WU[W`_[^T ``WaZ Z`WV _`SZ`_\W^ US^WY [ZUSWV`W[^`U[aV SZV[Z S^S^W XWcWbW^\aZYW Z`[`W ZZW^_[S^_ _`W [\S^S` bW\SZW`[[Y!U[\S^ ZY`Wc[^V_`[[ZWSZ[`W^_WW ZY`[aZVW^_`SZV`W ^_ S^ ` W_ SZVV XXW^WZUW_`W`W^\SZW`[[Y T^[SV ZUaVW_[[Z_S_`W^[ V_SZVU[W`_S_cWS_\SZW`_ ŻŶ S``W^Z_ Z`W[S^__`W ^[a\ ZY`W_[S^__`W ŵ$ S``W^Z_[X[` [ZS[ZYS^YWT[V W_WaZ\SZW`_SZVS^YW[[Z_YWZW^S [^T `SZV ^[`S`W ZSbW^ [^YSZ WVcS Ŷ$ c[S[^`\W_[X\SZW`_WW Y`[XX U S\SZW`_V b VWUWS^ Z`[`c[Y^[a\_`W_S ^[U \SZW`_`S`S^WU[_W`[YW`W^SZVU[_W`[`WaZSZV`WS^YWYS_^ U\SZW`_`S`S^W XS^`W^S\S^`SZVXS^`W^X^[`WaZ ŷ$ _`W^[ V_SZVU[W`_W`cWWZSZVTW [ZV`W\SZW`_aYWZaTW^_[XS_`W^[ V_SZVU[W`_ [^T ``WaZW[US` [Z_[^T `_SZVU[\[_ ` [Z_[X`W_WS_`W^[ V_SZVU[W`_X[[cV _` ZU` \S``W^Z_ Ÿ$ UW\` [Z_`[`W^aW_*WX ZVSXWcZ[`STWW+UW\` [Z_`[`WYWZW^S\S``W^Z_[T_W^bWV Z`W _[S^_ _`W [^W+S\WS^` _`W[Z ZZW^\SZW`c `SS^YW[[ZSZV^SZa_ _`W[Z \SZW`c ` `_S+ _W__WZ` S ` \\WV[Z `__ VW_aUUW__Xa`W[^ a_`S WS[cSZUW_X[^_aU W+UW\` [ZSWbWZS_ `W+\S Z_`WYWZW^S^aW_ WS`a^Wŵ! S``W^Z_[X [` [ZS[ZYS^YWT[V W_ T[V __ \ SZ ZV b VaS[T.WU`_aUS_`WaZS\SZW`[^S[[Z S\SZW`S^ [^T `_S^WZWS^ U ^UaS^SZV WZWS^ Z`W_SW\SZW S\SZW`_[^T ``WaZ Z`W_SWV ^WU` [Z_!U[aZ`W^U[U c _WS_b WcWVX^[ YST[bWS^`"_ [^` [W [_`\SZW`_^[`S`W Z`W_SWV ^WU` [Z Zc U`W [^T `c `XS ^ _SS+ _` `_WaZS_[ ^[`S`W_ Z` __SWV ^WU` [Z [_`[X`W_[S^_ _`W"_S^YW[[Z_W+ T `_ S^\^[\W^` W_ Z`W ^[^T `_S^[aZV`W ^\SZW`_ _aUS_[^T ` ZY Z`W ^\SZW`"_W]aS`[^ S\SZW Z`W_SWV ^WU` [Z`S``W\SZW`_^[`S`W_ WS`a^WŶ!WW _`WZUW[X`c[`\W_[X\SZW`_ X[a^ ZZW^\SZW`_1`W^^W_`^ S$b_X[a^[a`W^\SZW`_1.[b SZ$ W^^W_`^ S\SZW`_!S^W`WX[a^\SZW`_[X`W ZZW^_[S^_ _`W! W^
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