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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Michael Reid

CHAPTER 5 LIGHT AND MATTER 51Light is a form of energy and the energy it carries is called radiative energy The other two type of energys are kinetic energy energy of motion and potential energy stored energyThe rate of energy flow is called power and its measured in watts 1 WATT1 JOULESHumans require about 10 million joules per day same as a 100 watt light mulbBasic colors in a spectrum are red orange yellow green blue and violentWhite is visible when all the basic colors are mixed in equal proportionsLight from the Sun and Light bulb is called white light because they contain all colors of the rainbowWide variety of colors are created by mixing colors of the spectrum in varying proportionsPrimary colors of vision are red blue and green Alternate set of primary colors are red yellow blueCMYK cyan magenta yellow and black is used in graphics design and to print booksLight interacts in 4 basic ways1 Emission a light bulb emits light the energy of the light bulb comes from electrical potential energy supplied to the light bulb2 Absorption When we place our hand near a light bulb our hand absorbs the light and this absorbed light warms our hand3 Transmission Some forms of matter such as glass or air transmit light which means allowing it to pass through4 ReflectionScattering Light can bounce off matter which we call reflection when the bouncing is all in the same general direction or scattering when the bouncing is scatterMaterials that transmit light are called transparent and materials that absorb light are called opaque 52Wavelength is the distance from one peak to the next oneFrequency Hz is the number of peaks passing by at any point in 1 secondSpeed is used to measure how fast the energy travels from one place to another speed wavelength x frequency
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