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Astronomy & Astrophysics
Michael Reid

ASTLight the electromagnetic spectrum and atomic physicsThursday January 19 201251Light in Everyday Life How do we experience light y Light carries radiative energy that it can exchange with matter Power is the rate of energy transfer measure in watts 1 watt1 joules The colors of light contain a great deal of information about the matter which it has interacted y Light is a form of energy o Carries radiative energyy Energy and Power o Units joules Interested in measuring the rate at which light carries energy toward or away from us o Powerthe rate of energy flowMeasured in unites called wattso 1 watt1 joules y Light and Coloro Spectrumred orange yellow green blue and violetWhite when the basic colors are mixed in roughly equal proportions Black is when theres no color o Can make a spectrum using a prism or a diffraction grating a piece of plastic with many closely spaced linesHow do light and matter interact y Matter can emit absorb transmit or reflect or scatter light y Emission the process by which mater emits energy in the form of light the process by which matter absorbs radiative energyy Absorptiony Transmission the process in which light passes through matter without being absorbed y ReflectionScattering the process by which matter changes the direction of lighty Materials that transmit light are said to be transparenty Materials that absorb light are said to be opaque52Properties of Light What is Light y Light is an electromagnetic wave but also comes in individual pieces called photons Each photon has a precise wavelength frequency and energy The shorter the wavelength the higher the frequency and energy y Particles and Waves in Everyday Life o A particle of matter can sit still or move from one place to another Is a thing o Waves carry energy outward but do not carry matter along with themIs a pattern
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