BIO120H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter Lab 3: Sap, Leaf Miner, Herbivore

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BIO120H1 Full Course Notes
BIO120H1 Full Course Notes
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Bio120: adaptation and biodiversity lab manual (chapter 3 plant . In association with lab 3 and lab quiz 2. Plants produce almost all of the energy available in terrestrial ecosystems. Plants are an important energy source for the organisms; animals that feed on plants receive this energy directly, whereas parasites and predators receive this energy indirectly. Plants provide animals with habitat and/or shelter; plants play an important role in survival of most animals. There may be both costs and benefits to a species from an interaction, but it"s the net effect that determines the nature of the interaction. When interaction has a negative effect on both species, its characterized as competition usually arises when both species require same resource; competition between plants and animals is rare since they usually do not require same resources. Mutualisms are interactions in which both species benefit. Herbivorous species feed on plants in a variety of ways; most obvious is when organisms feed on foliage.