BIO120H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter Section 4: Axial Tilt, Sonoran Desert, Northern Hemisphere

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BIO120H1 Full Course Notes
BIO120H1 Full Course Notes
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Bio120: simutext biogeography (section 4 global patterns in. In association with lecture 13 & 14 and reading quiz 6. Alexander von humboldt spent five years traveling through americas visited variety of places including steamy tropical rainforests along orinoco river, high altitude llanos grassland of. South america, hot and dry sonoran desert, and temperate forests of eastern united states. Humboldt noticed plant communities in similar climates all looked similar, even though they contain completely different species. Climate predicts not only number of species likely to occur in a place, but also physical appearance of those species. Global patterns in temperature and precipitation influence distribution of plant communities worldwide. Climate patterns across earth are shaped by uneven input of energy from sun: e. g. Earth tends to be warmer near equator than near poles because intensity of solar energy in equatorial regions is greater. These two factors cause equator to be more strongly heated by sun, both land and water.