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10 Apr 2012
Pg. 1071-1080
5 stages of mitosis: protophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase and
M-Cdk Drives Entry Into Mitosis
M-Cdk drives early stage of mitosis; accessory of mitotic spindle to ensure
that sister chromatin and chromosome condensation
Dephosphorlyation Activates M-Cdk at the Onset of Mitosis
M-Cdk activation of M-cyclin
Condensin Helps Configure Duplicated Chromosomes for Separation
Long DNA molecule are pulled together at the end of S phase
Five subunit complex called condensin
Condensin forms a ring-like structure
The Mitosis Spindle is a Microtubule-Based Machine
Mitotic spindle: array of microtubules that separate the sister chromatins
The spindles segregate to separate poles
Interpolar microtubule: plus end interact with each other
Kinetochore microtubule: are attached to the sister chromosome
Astral microtubule: radiate outwards
Centrosome: centre of the chromosome
Microtubule-Dependent Motor Proteins Govern Spindle Assembly and Function
Depends on numerous of motor protein
4 types of motor protein: kinesin-5, kinesin-14, kinesin-4 and 10 and dynesin
Kinesin-5 contains 2 motor domain interact with the plus end
Kinesin-14 contains single motor: minus end directed
Kinesin-4 and 10 are plus end directed
Dyneins minus end directed
Two Mechanisms Collaborate in the assembly of a Bipolar Mitotic Spindle
Two spindles and plus ends interacting with each other
Centrosome Duplicates Occurs Early in the Cell Cycle
Duplication begins in the S phase
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