Notes on "Truths and Myths about Global Warming"

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20 Apr 2012
Notes on “Truths and Myths about Global Warming
Can be cause by sun or greenhouse gases
Polar areas warming more quickly than middle latitudes
Winter temperatures rising faster than summer temperatures
Specific to greenhouse gases; not caused by the sun
Night-time temperatures rising faster than daytime
Lower atmosphere heating, upper atmosphere cooling
Popular Myths about Global Warming
Prehistoric climate was much greater than now
Variation in sunlight
Will Make next ice age milder
Good for agriculture
Unproven Theory
Preventing global warming impact out economy
Variation in Sunlight?
If solar variation were the cause, the stratosphere would be warming and nighttime
temperatures would not be rising as fast as the day time temperatures.
Stratosphere is cooling and night time temperatures are rising faster than the day
time ones
Good for Agriculture?
Rather than carbon dioxide, it is nitrogen, phosphorus and water that usually limit
plant growth
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