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Chapter 6

BIO220H1 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Solar Cycle, Urban Heat Island

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John Stinchcombe

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Cool the Earth, Save the Economy: Solving the Climate Crisis is Easy
CHAPTER 1: Truths and Myths about Global Warming
4 distinct patterns of warming:
oPolar areas warming faster than middle latitudes
oWinter temperatures rising faster than summer temperatures
oNight-time temperatures rising faster than daytime temperatures
oLower atmosphere is heating while upper atmosphere (stratosphere) is cooling
Last 2 clues tell us that it is release o heat-trapping gases by humans, not brighter sun
Myths about Global Warming:
(1) Satellite data contradict the evidence for a warming trend
Yes upper atmosphere (stratosphere) cooled overly last decades indicated by satellite
But this is actually sign of global warming
(2) Prehistoric climate change was much greater than now, so don’t worry
If keep emitting CO2 emissions, warming expected in next 100 years will be same
magnitude as climate changes occurring over past millions of years
Prehistoric climate changes happen much less rapidly
oChanges happened over tens of thousands of years
oSpecies can’t adapt at that rate
oHumans also not ready
EX: Hurricanes and tsunamis completely wiped us out
(3) Variation in sunlight portably explains the recent warming trend
Solar variability not strong enough to explain effects of buildup of GHG in atmosphere
Also if solar variation is the cause:
oStratosphere would be warming and night time temperatures wouldn’t be rising
as fast as day time temperatures
oBut instead see stratosphere cooling and night time temperatures rising faster
than day ones
(4) The warming trend is an artifact of spreading urban heat islands
Temperature the IPCC uses to show planet is warming doesn’t include data from urban
area weather stations
(5) The 1940-1970s cooling trend contradicts the global warming concept
(6) Global warming will make the next ice age milder
Yes world should be going into ice age in future
But won’t happen in next hundred years
When happens, will happen slowly
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