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Chapter 8

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James Thomson

Chapter 8 10/5/2013 8:20:00 AM CHAPTER CONCEPTS • Populations grow by multiplication rather than addition • Age structure influences population growth rate • A life table summarizes age-specific schedules of survival and fecundity • The intrinsic rate of increase can be estimated from the life table • Population size is regulated by density-dependent factors demography  the study and growth of populations 8.2 Populations grow by multiplication rather than addition Calculating population growth rates  λ (the lowercase Greek letter lambda) to this ratio, expresses the factor by which a population changes from one time interval to the next o always positive number  this is just for the preceding time interval   to calculate any time interval  A population growing continuously  r  exponential growth rate  e  value of approx. 2.72 8.3 Age structure influences population growth rate Age structure  The distribution of individuals among age classes within a population Stable age distribution  The proportions of individuals in various age classes in a population that is growing at a constant rate 8.4
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