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Chapter 9-10

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BIOB50 Lecture 78 Chapters 910Case Study Human Population Growth1960s growth rate was 2 now declined to 118IntroductionEarth is finite limited resources No population can increase in size forever Figure 93 LoggerheadsYoung die as they crawl to the sea after hatching from nests in the sandInitially tried to focus on protecting newborns but even with survival increased to 100 popn continued to declineLife TablesInformation about patterns of births and deaths in a popn to understand current population trends or predict future population sizesLife tables can be based on age size or life cycle stageLife table Provides a summary of how survival and reproductive rates vary with age of the organisms Table 11 Life Table for the Grass Poa annuaMarked 843 naturally germinating seedlings and then following their fates over timeNof inds at age x where x is measured in 3month periods xN decreases slowly over time until it equals 0 as inds diexis the age specific Ssurvival rate that an ind of age x will reach age x1 x lis the survivorship which is the proportion of inds that survive from birth age 0 xto age xFis fecundity which is the avgof offspring produced by a female while she is of x age x This is an example of a cohort life table
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