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Chapter 6

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Michelle Hilscher

Lecture 6 Chapter 7 BIOB50An organisms life history a record of major events related to its growth development reproduction and survival Life History DiversityIndividuals within species differ in their life historiesLife history strategy of a species is the timing and nature of life history events averaged across all the individuals in the species Shaped by the way the org divides its energy and resources in reproduction growth and survivaldiffers in inds of a speciesEnvironmental differencesPhenotypic plasticity a single genotype may produce different phenotypes under different environmental conditions Example is the temperature and growth rate of plantsAnother type of phenotypic plasticity a single genotype produces discrete types or morphs with few or no intermediate formsOmnivore morph eat on algae and detritus can turn into carnivore morphs when fed on fairy shrimp more slowly growingCarnivore morph feed on fairy shrimp bigger mouths stronger jaw muscles grow fasterAsexual reproductionFirst organisms to evolve on Earth reproduced asexually by binary fissionAll prokaryotes and protists reproduce asexually Some multicellular organisms reproduce both asexually and sexually Sexual Reproduction and AnisogamyPromotes genetic variation and allows popns to evolve in response to changes in the environment Growth rate of sexually producing popns is only half that of asexually producing popns Life cycles are often complex
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