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Chapter 11

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Michelle Hilscher

BIOB50 Lectures 910 Chapter 11 CompetitionIntroductionAG Tansley did experiments to explain the distribution in Britain of 2 species of bedstraw plants Galium hercynicum and G Pumilum G Hercynicum limited to acidic soils and G pumilum to calcareous soils high in CaWhen grown alone each species could survive on both types of soils Grew both species on acidic soils only Ghercynicum survived and vice versaConcluded both species competed with each other when grown on native soil each species drove the other to extinction Competition an interaction bw inds of 2 species in which each is harmed by their shared use of a resource that limits their ability to grown survive or reproduce Bw inds of a single species called intraspecific competition Intraspecific competition can cause density dependent reductions in popn size Competition for ResourcesOrgs compete for resources features of the env that are required for growth survival or reproduction and which can be consumed to the point of depletion Orgs compete for resources such as food water light and spaceLight plants require it for food and deplete it by shading the supply available to other plantsPlants algae and sessile animals require space to grow but also mobile compete for space to hunt attract mates or for refugeSpace can be filled thus depleted and results in decreased popn growth rates Physical abiotic factors features of the environment that affects population growth rates but are not consumed or depletedCompeting organisms reduce the availability of resourcesTilman et al 1981 examined competition for silica SiO2 in freshwater diatoms a type of algae that use silica to construct their cell walls
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