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Chapter 1

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University of Toronto St. George
Michelle Hilscher

BIOB50 Chapter 1 LEC 12The Web of LifeDeformity and Decline in Amphibian PopulationsStudents found 1122 leopard frogs with deformities 3040 of pondAmphibian species deformations around the world at a riseAcross the globe hundreds of species were missing extinct or threatenedIntroductionNatural systems are driven by the way organisms interact with one another and their physical environment Ecology the scientific study of how organisms affect and are affected by other organisms and their environment Connections in NatureConnections in nature refers to the fact that events in the natural world can be linked or connected to one another Doesnt mean that there are strong connections bw organisms in the same area 2 species may live in the same area but have little influence on one anotherALL organisms are connected to the features of their environment Even species that dont interact directly with one another may connect indirectly by shared features of the environment Parasite Ribeiroia caused deformities in frogs When infected with the parasite deformed frogs more common in ponds with pesticidesPesticides decrease the ability of frogs to fight the parasites Decrease in immune systemConnections in nature can lead to unanticipated side effectsFor example the rise in pesticides application by humans leads to unanticipated side effects more frequent deformities in amphibians
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