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Chapter 16

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Michelle Hilscher

BIOB50 Lecture 15 Chapter 16 Community ChangeAgents of ChangeAgents of change act on communities across all temporal and spatial scales Consider coral reef community over last few decades might have seen considerable change both subtle and catastrophicSpecies interactions such as competition predation disease can cause gradual replacement of species over timeChanges in abiotic conditions such as sea level and water temp can cause physiological stress coral bleaching and eventually mortalityCatastrophic disturbances such as tsunamis can cause massive injury and deathSuccession is the change in the species composition of communities over time Succession is the result of both abiotic and biotic factorsAbiotic agents of change can be placed into 2 categories disturbance and stressDisturbance is an abiotic event that physically injures or kills some inds and creates opportunities for other inds to grow or reproduce Stress occures when some abiotic factor reduces the growth or reproduction of inds and creates opportunities for other inds Ex temperature sea level rise Abiotic and biotic factors interact to produce change in communities Beavers cause changes in abiotic conditions that in turn cause species replacementAgents of change vary in their intensity frequency and extentConsidering the Mount St HelensIntensity of the disturbancethe amount of damage and death it caused Frequency of the of that disturbance is low bc such eruptive episodes are so rare occurring every few centures Basics of SuccessionSuccession progresses through various stages that include a climax stage
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