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Chapter 18

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Michelle Hilscher

Lecture 17Chapter 18Community MembershipThe distributions and abundances of organisms within communities are dependent on three interacting factors1Regional species pools and dispersal ability2Abiotic conditions3Species interactions184 these 3 factors as filters that act to exclude species or include them in particular communitiesSpecies supply is the first cut to community membershipThe provides an absolute upper limit on the s and types of species that regional species pool can be present wi communitiesNowhere is the controlling effect of disperal on community membership more evident than in the invasion of communities by nonnative speciesRegionso of high species richness tend to have communities of high species richnessAbiotic conditions play a strong role in limiting community membershipA species may be able to get to a community but may fail to become a member of the community bc it is physiologically unable to tolerate the abiotic conditions thereWho interacts with whom makes all the difference in community membershipEven if species can disperse to a community and cope with its potentially restrictive abiotic conditons the final cut to community membersip is coexistence with other speciesClearly if a species depends on other species for its growth reproduction and survival those other species must be present if it is to gain membership in a community Also species may be excluded from a community by competition predation parasitism or diseaseBiotic resistance Failure of some nonnative species to become incorporated into communities has been attributed to interactions with native species that exclude or slow the popn growth of the nonnative species
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