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Chapter 5&19

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Michelle Hilscher

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Lecture 5Most herbivores have relatively narrow dietsPredators eat a broad range of prey speciesHerbivores feed on a constricted diet of plant species127 Agromyzid flies feed on only a few plant species Many herbivores specialize on particular plant partsHerbivores can be grouped based on what part of the plant they eatSome herbivores that are large relative to their food plants eat all aboveground partsMost specialize on parts of the plant such as leaves roots stems seeds or internal fluidsLeaves most eaten most nutritiousThe golden snailIntroduced to Taiwan from South America in 1980Escaped cultivation and spread in Southeast AsiaSerious pest of rice eats aquatic plants that are on the water surface and attached to the bottomAre generalists if plants arent available they feed on detritus and algaehard to rid ofIs a voracious generalist eats great quantities of food herbivore capable of removing all plant from wetlands then feeds on algae and detritus to surviveCompensation 1210 Compensating for HerbivoryCompensation when removal of plant tissues stimulates a plant to produce new tissues allowing for relatively rapid replacement of the material eaten by herbivores Secondary CompoundsSecondary compounds chemicals produced by plants that are toxic to protect the plant against all herbivore species except the few that can tolerate themOthers may serve as chemical cues that attract predators and parasitoids to the plant where they attack the herbivore
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