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bio chapters 1-6 summaries

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Chapter 1 y Eucaryotic cells keep DNA in a separate membrane enclose compartment the nucleus y Cytoskeleton for support and movement y Interecellular compartements for digestion and secretion y The capacity to engulf other cellsy And a metabolism that depends ont eh oxidation of organic molecules by mitochondria y Eucaryotes may have originated as predators on other cells y Mitochondria contain their own geneic material and evidently evolved from bacteria y Eukaryotic cells have 330 times as many genes as prokaryotes and often thousands of tiems more noncoding DNA y The non coding DNA allows for complex regulation of gene expression y A small number of other organisms have been chosen as primary models for multicellualr plants and animals and the sequencing of their entire genomes has opend the way to systematic and comprehensive analysis of gene functions gene regulation and genetic diversity Chapter 2 y Glucose and other food molecules broken down by controlled stepwise oxidation to provide chemical energy in form of ATP and NADH y Three maind sets of reations that act in series o Glycolsis occurs in cytosol o The citric acid cycle in the mitochon
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