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Chapter 3

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chapter 3 Heat Balance pg 56Organisms balance there heat through using homeostasis Homeostasis is a mechanism that maintains constant internal conditions despite outside conditions Homeostasis that return body temperatures to normal levels run on a system of negative feedback 2 types of functioning 1 homeothermy body temperature range between 3641 c even though temp may be varying outside from 50 to 50 cbiochemical processes can proceed efficientlyex humans Constant temp conditions within cells2 poikilothermic body temperatures conform to outside conditions Once it gets very cold or very hot though the organism cannot function Ex Frogs cold blooded As a result they can only function under very specific temperaturesEctothermsadjusting body temps through interaction with surroundings or behaviorEx Moving into the sun ectotherms tend to be smaller animals like insects which cannot metabollicly raise their own tempsEndothermanimals w
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