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Chapter 10

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James Thomson

Chapter 10 only pg 204207Generally the density individuals increases within an area in reference to the compatibility as determined by a species range of tolerance It is important from a standpoint of ecology and conservation to understand the dispersion of species However in some parts of the world this is difficult for this purpose ecological niche modeling a system of determining where species in terms of dispersion and density becomes useful Ecologists can find dispersion within and area and extrapolate the data based on patterns of temperature and precipitation within an area Ecological envelope catalog of ecological conditions for a species Ecological niche modeling can be used to determine where an invasive species will establish itself by examining its ecological envelope in its native area There are three main categories for dispersion clumped generally seen where resources are limited to certain areas or species require communities for mating hunting protection etc spaced observed in species that are strongly competitive random represents an environment where chances for survival are relatively equal across the entire area rarely seen Chapter 11 all ADemography study of populations Population growth is usually modeled on a per capita or per individual basis eg 10 growth rate adds 10 individuals 10 a population of 100 and 100 individuals to a population of 1000 Equally it can be modeled in two ways Geometric growth over discrete time intervals applies to most animals populations equation is Nt1Nt where Nt is the size of a population at time t Nt 1 is its size one time interval lateris the ratio of a population size one compared to its population size the next year basically a growth rate it cannot be negative1 indicates decline 1 indicates increase in populationExponential growth o
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