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Chapter 17

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James Thomson

Chapter 17Evolution of Species Interaction 346458 C 359362 A 363366 CCrypsis the blending of an organism with its background by matching colour and pattern of bark twigs or leaves employed by palatable organisms eg stick insect Warning colourationaposematism the advertisement of unpalatability with bright recognizable colours or patterns eg Monarch butterfly Batesian mimicry a palatable organism will mimic the colouration of an unpalatable one to confuse predators Mullerian mimicry several unpalatable organisms will resemble each others colouration to more efficiently teach predators to avoid them With sufficient variety in resource specialization can decrease competition and promote coexistence between two species Although related species that live together differ in their utilization of resources one cannot assume this is because of a prior history of interaction Sympatric the geographic ranges of two species overlap Allopatric the geographic ranges of two species do not overlap Assume species 1 lives in A and B and species 2 lives in B and C Species in B are sympatric species in A and C are allopatric One would then assume that species 1 and 2 wo
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