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Chapter 19

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James Thomson

Chapter 19Ecological Succession and Community Development 392399 A 400402 C 403408 ABWhile communities exist in a continuous state of fluxspecies die and are replaced by new onescommunities seem not to change appreciably over time It is only when a community is disturbed eg by volcano or fire that considerable changes can be observed To begin pioneering species adapted to disturbed habitats will move in they are then replaced by other species and eventually the community regains its former structure Succession the sequence of changes in community composition initiated by disturbance Climax community the ultimate or final association of species or community composition attained after disturbance Pioneering species which are attracted to a disturbed habitat because of their ability to withstand such conditionswill modify a habitat Plants may affect shade level contribute to detritus in soil alter moisture content etc These modifications may make the habitat unsuitable for the pioneering species but make it more suitable for species that follow Sere a successive sequence which occurs after disturbance Sequences of seres and the course of community development depend on how a community starts off before succession Primary succession the establishment and development of communities in newly formed or recently disturbed habitats Secondary succession follows rapidly if a disturbance leaves some organisms in place or proceeds after primary succession in very severely disturbed habitats It is the process of reestablishing a communitys structure by reseeding etc There are various stages involved in secondary succession as different plant species have an easier time establishing themselves under different conditions some require specific moisture content shade etc Climax community the ultimate final or resultant community structure or species association after a disturbance communities are essentially mosaics of various successive stages all progressing towards the climaxFacilitation process by which one species increases the probability that another species will become established Inhibition can prevent progression towards a climax community species inhibit the growth or establishment of other species Priority effect observed from inhibitionthe outcome of an interaction between two species will depend on which becomes established first ie if you get there first you win Tolerance the ability of a plant to disperse and tolerate physic
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