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Chapter notes about Metabolism

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Hormonal Regulation of Energy Metabolism Uptake, Utilization, and Storage of Energy in Carbohydrates Glucose in blood (Fig. 21.1a) a. Glucose transported thru out cells by glucose transporters b. Inside cell glucose oxidized for energy and generates CO2 as waste, converted to glycogen for storage, and provide substrates for other metabolic rxns c. If glucose level dec. glycogen can be broken down o glucose by glycogenolysis Uptake, Utilization, and Storage of Energy in Proteins Amino acids are transported in blood stream a. Amino acids used for synthesis of proteins b. Catabolyzed for energy by proteolysis c. Proteins broken down to amino acids d. Amino acids , Catabolized can be used for energy on cells. Catabolism to generate energy and occurs during starvation and generates C02 and ammonia converted to urea and release via urine. Uptake, Utilization, and Storage of Energy in Fats Lipolysis broken down of triglycerides to fatty acids and glycerol a. Triglycerides (fats) transported in bloodstream in Lipoproteins small protein and lipid containing particles, transport lipids to various target cells in the body but lipids need to leave target cells immediately. b. Triglycerides broken down
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