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University of Toronto St. George
John Coleman

Rapid Evolution of flowering time by an animal plant in response to a climate fluctuation  Droughts and climate change has affected species through precipitation  In the study the authors demonstrate the evolutionary responses of, Brassica rapa, to recent droughts  Predrought seeds were collected and compared to postdrought seeds  The evolution showed earlier flowering times  Phenology: (seasonal reproduction) in response to ongoing climate change  For example flowering time can shift for certain species  Cross the ancestor with the descendant to determine if there are hybrid offspring  Determined the evolutionary response to Brassica rapa  In southern California growing season in late spring by the end the end of the rainy season  There are El Ninos which produce periods of dry seasons  Collected seeds in 1997 before the drought and seeds after in 2007  Created F1 lines of ancestors, descendants and hybrids  The F1 seeds were then treated to three different conditions (water) short medium and long growing season Results  Descendants genotypes had earlier flowering time  Flowering time in the dry site was faster than the wet site  The mean flowering time of
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