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Chapter 1

Lab Chapter 1 Eutrophication Notes

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Doug Thomson

BIO220 Lab Chapter 1 Eutrophication Notes • Eutrophication, results from continuous pollution in the form of agricultural run- off or sewage outflows. • High in N, P; essential for plant growth • Concentrations are increased to high levels, primary production can explode, resulting in eutrophication • N eutrophication in inshore marine waters, P eutrophication in freshwater systems • First stage: algal bloom; algae exponential growth, organisms that feed on algae also increase in number • Decomposition  low oxygen levels, high carbon dioxide, detrimental to aquatic organisms that require oxygen. Dead organisms, most noticeably, fish. • Oxygen levels still high, green algae common. When oxygen levels decrease, blue- green algae, cyanobacteria (tolerant to low oxygen) produce a lot of toxic compounds. Salvinia molesta • Asexual, bud off from parent Conductivity • Dissolved ions, indirect measure of salinity, detecting chloride ions from salt. • Greater conductivity, greater amount of ions • Polluted waters higher conductivity Dissolved oxygen • Over-fertilization reduce oxygen levels in aquatic environments. • When plants die, they become food for bacteria, multiply and use large amounts of oxygen Nitrate • Nitrogen cycle: bacteria break down toxic ammonium waste into nitrite and then into nitrate • Nitrates essential for plant growth: major ingredient of farm fertilizer • Nitrates stimulate growth of plankton and aquatic plants that provide food and habitat for fish, these fish populations may increase. • If algal growth is excessive, oxygen levels will be reduced and fish will die PH • Affected by its age and chemicals
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